Room to Live

A new era of living, coming soon!

Room to Live

Embrace spacious living at Harbor Park Townhomes, designed for young professionals and new families. Our large units, set in a serene park-like environment with 190 beautiful trees, offer the perfect blend of comfort and nature. Explore your future at Harbor Park as you envision the ideal balance of community and tranquility. With room to live, we invite you to come discover the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

Welcome to the Future of Harbor Park

Join our community to enjoy Harbor Park's scenic views, captivating greenery, and renovated units. Discover what future amenities are in store for Harbor Park.

Pool Oasis on the Horizon!

Explore luxury in our new expansive pool, The Pool Oasis at Harbor Park. Immerse yourself in serenity and crystal-clear waters. Enjoy not only a pool but also a spa.

Enhancing your experience, we've crafted a vibrant outdoor space with a BBQ counter, a pergola, and a fire pit gathering space. Envision warmth, forge memories, and build connections in this idyllic pool haven. Welcome to relaxation at Harbor Park.

Pickle Ball Paradise Awaits!

Experience the thrill of competitive play on our brand-new Pickle Ball courts. Whether you're a seasoned player or a beginner, our state-of-the-art facilities offer the perfect setting for spirited matches and friendly competition.

Embrace an active lifestyle within our community as we introduce an exciting addition to our amenities. Get ready to serve, rally, and score in the Pickle Ball paradise of Harbor Park.

Dog Park Haven Taking Shape!

For our four-legged residents, we're excited to introduce a spacious and pet-friendly Dog Park. Unleash the energy and watch tails wag in delight as your furry companions explore and socialize in a secure environment.

This dedicated space ensures both dogs and their owners can enjoy the outdoors, fostering a sense of community among pet lovers. At Harbor Park, we understand that pets are family, and our Dog Park is designed with their happiness in mind.