Vallejo Apartments | Harbor Park Apartments


John S. 2 years ago
3.5 stars
The residence is very nice, I have met all my neighbors and love the lively activity that this community provides. There are a lot of dogs here.
Skyler S. 2 years ago
4.5 stars
I am new resident at Harbor Park and I am extremely excited to be living here with my roommates. So far, the neighbors and staff have been very helpful and welcoming. I am looking forward to this next year here.
Fatima D. 2 years ago
5 stars
Love the place, and Vanessa from the office have been always a great help for us! The community is great ! Also the people who live around it’s friendly
Ashley H. 2 years ago
5 stars
I love residing here at harbor park apartments! It is Peaceful with no drama! Staff is kind and professional. I was happy to renew my lease!
Laela C. 2 years ago
5 stars
Loving it here :) great community. It's nice friendly and quiet. Always well kept and looked after. neighbors are great and also friendly..
Nikhill B. 2 years ago
5 stars
Move in process was great. Apartment up to date. Conveniently located near recycling and trash. Spacious garage. Nice outdoor space. Look forward to settling in after move in.
Mikaella S. 2 years ago
5 stars
It’s been pleasant despite the pandemic. It sucks that everything’s either closed, done virtually, or limited services due to COVID19. But I’m glad the staff still remains on top of things and gives us alternative amenities through this time.
Joemmi D. 2 years ago
4 stars
It has been a good experience so far, I wish some of the facilities will be renovated or at least to keep them in better condition of what they are right now.
Diza severina a. 2 years ago
3.5 stars
Our first few months here were great. As we stay longer, that’s when we start having not so good experiences from loud steps from the tenants above us, to not so accommodating staff. We are not the ones to complain at all though as we are used to deal with stuffs ourselves so it’s still okay.
Christina W. 2 years ago
2.5 stars
The apartment is lovely, however, with the contactless moving procedure, I feel there was information not given that should have been. I wasn’t told the building was not in the gated community, nor was I told there was no air conditioning.