Vallejo Apartments | Harbor Park Apartments


Caroline L. 6 years ago
5 stars
been living here since 2012, and although rent has increased, so has the quality of this community. We've loved it here and hope to continue to live here.
Tinesha M. 6 years ago
4 stars
I have lived in the complex for just about a month. I value that the staff also resides in the complex thus the have the same experiences.. I love my apartment!
John M. 6 years ago
5 stars
As of this date : Outstanding service and office team. Harbor Park is it quiet and family-orientated community. Easy access to 80 and Napa Valley.
Kanika S. 6 years ago
5 stars
The staff has been amazing drone the beginning. Any question or concern was addressed professionally and timely. My family and I are very happy!
Marlon M. 6 years ago
4.5 stars
Pretty good, harbor park apts Is a nice place and safer place to stay. The management and it's staff are very helpful and very awesome to help whenever needed.
Kira B. 6 years ago
5 stars
I think you guys are doing great this is my second time living here never had any problems and everyone is friendly and very helpful. Thank you
Alina P. 6 years ago
5 stars
Love living here. Very safe place to live! Very nice and clean. Love the fact that there is a park inside the community. The staff is very polite and always willing to help and answer questions!
John L. 6 years ago
2 stars
parking space at building 9.It would be easy to locate since there is room on that side of building 9 and it would bring it up to code. Another good point is that a ramp at bldg. 9 would help make moving furniture in or out easier ; since there would be no stairs to contend with .It would also provide another way in; while you fix the concrete that is supporting the walkway into thr 2nd and 3rd floors (it is completely cracked if you walk down to apt.101 and look at it.)
Tasneem M. 6 years ago
4 stars
the staff is always friendly and helpful when i need anything and the apt is very spacious and my family and I enjoy the apt and our neighbors
Lisa W. 6 years ago
3 stars
its been ok other then my extremely loud down stair neighbors and the wild turkey running around. however the office staff are very friendly( Alicia)