Vallejo Apartments | Harbor Park Apartments


Jeanette P. 6 months ago
5 stars
So far so good! Pretty quiet and nice staff. Come apply you won’t regret it at all. Can seem a little out the way from the whole town but who doesn’t like a nice drive?
Nicholas C. 7 months ago
5 stars
I ceel very safe inside of the security gate and also the security patrol. The park is convient for our 3 boys. The dog park is also a plus, I just love the apartment.
Fatima D. 7 months ago
5 stars
Love this place, it’s clean and lots of good people . Never had an issuer here! It’s pet friendly q d always people to help you around plus everything it’s a rounded
Anita B. 7 months ago
4 stars
Garbage bin containers outside apartments overflowing with trash and stacked on the ground. NOT SANITARY. We pay for grounds being clean and this is sometimes
Xavier W. 7 months ago
5 stars
Gray community the staff and maintenance here keeps the apartment community cleaned and up-to-date everybody is nice helpful, And the community is quiet
Rafael M. 7 months ago
4.5 stars
Easy process to apply and is process to get needed docs in when needed. The office staff made it more convienent for the roommates and I. I cannot complain!
Sherry D. 7 months ago
5 stars
When i needed my washing machine checked out the office staff told me it was going to take several days for maintenance to come because i didn't request online i told them i tried but it was technical problems guess what they came in 2 days.. love them maintenance guys!
Tatashya B. 8 months ago
4 stars
My experience so far have been wonderful. I have nice friendly neighbors. The outside is well kept and maintained. And it’s quite for the most part. Besides all the stomping from upstairs
Celia G. 8 months ago
5 stars
They have excellent customer service great place to live I just love it here great apartments land scape everything is just great how would not want to live here
Skyler S. 8 months ago
3.5 stars
Overall I am pleased with the living conditions and staff. The apartment meets my needs and I haven't had any issues with maintenance. One problem I have repeatedly run into is with neighbors blocking my garage spot. I feel as if there is little that can be done to fix it.