Vallejo Apartments | Harbor Park Apartments


Aijah 3 months ago
3 stars
It’s been okay as a resident. I would prefer the bathroom to be updated and more color around the property. For the price there should be more updates happening. I like that the property is commuter friendly
Lexus T. 4 months ago
5 stars
Very friendly people lots of different mixtures of people. Nice dogs as well very friendly had no problem with helping me when I arrived to the area
Brianna 4 months ago
5 stars
Been here for ten years great apartment great staff rent a a bit expensive then the area not as great a lil more freedom besides that it's ok
Devin 4 months ago
1 stars
I want to know immediately who the hell was in my house today. I was NAKED SLEEPING AND SOMEONE IS IN MY HOUSE FROM HARBOR PARK. Who do I contact so my legal team can contact you!? I have NOTHING WRONG with my drain and this isn’t my submission and you come into my house!?! WHO owns this complex and who does my lawyer contact!? You guys continue to mess around for some reason with me and now it’s time to get lawyers involved. I feel so violated.
Celia 6 months ago
5 stars
Excellent customer service enjoy living here neighbors friendly our door is very clean up to date hard is always being cut and u to date parking is clean gate working I feel secure living here
Keyanti 7 months ago
4 stars
My overall experience has been well! The staff is nice and welcoming. The staff members are there to help and provides you with all the information that is needed. The leasing office is nice and clean and they offer coffee and tea!
Claudie 7 months ago
4 stars
I like the way the apartment is set up pretty quit the place is spacious the neighbors are pretty much friendly the office is friendly and the wash area is clean
Krystal 7 months ago
3.5 stars
So far so good, easy process nice management team. Apartment clean and maintained , not too happy about the parking situation but it could worked out.
Roxanda E. 8 months ago
5 stars
Muy bonito aquí ???? el área verde el parque de juegos todo muy bonito ay seguridad día y noche todos días en la oficina muy amable todo el.personal de mantenimiento muy amable y responsable
Tawanee 8 months ago
3 stars
Need a pool. My apartment after 2years is just falling apart. But I love how quite it is here. Not enough for the Children to do here the park is too small and there’s a big field area outside my apartment that’s not used. We definitely need a pool it will make living here much better . And we have heating without Air Conditioner!!!!