Vallejo Apartments | Harbor Park Apartments


Porche 8 days ago
4.5 stars
I just moved into habor Park apartment. It’s been quite hope to continue that way .The process of moving in was pretty fast. The leasing managers were very helpful and nice and making this experience feel more like home.
Roxanda E.
Roxanda E. 1 month ago
5 stars
I have been living here for 6 years and I feel very happy. I have school for my children close to gas stations near labanderias and many things and it is a very quiet place and we even have security in harbor park
Katherine 1 month ago
4.5 stars
The office people (honestly, my personal heroes. Especially Marshall who not only made the application and lease process not as stressful, but he has the absolute best qualities that anyone would want when in an already stressful situation: patience, kindness, clear communication and always answers your questions even if it's a stupid one, which I have plenty of). I have had a crazy 9 months and even though it has only been a month since we moved in, I am thankful to be able to call Harbor Park home.
Louise 2 months ago
4 stars
I don’t know it well, but am enjoying living here so far. I think it’s great there is a special place for smoking. Maybe it could be made a tad comfortable with protection from the rain and maybe a couple of chairs
Tabitha 2 months ago
5 stars
I have been here two years now, I haven’t had any problems so far. I love how every time I call the office, they are there, and very helpful.
Brianna 2 months ago
4 stars
Great area been my 11th year rents kinda high but coo area to live in close to school and grocery stores and gas stations.. near restaurants to
Titus 3 months ago
5 stars
I have seen many great improvements over the last 24 years since I first lived here with my family, the management team is great and the maintenance team is great, and there has been great improvements done to all the units, keep up the good work.
Gladys 3 months ago
4 stars
I like to take place at first but it's beginning to be a hassle about different things that is going on around here and how you pay different stuff we never had to go through stuff like this before so I think that the management should give people Grace periods and time to understand how this works here cuz at one time it's one thing next time it's another we thought that everything was included in the rent but we seem to see now that we have to pay the utilities different from
Sherry 3 months ago
5 stars
This is a great place to live great staff great neighbors grounds always clean I have an end unit and I have a great view!!whenever I need something fixed the maintenance crew right on time.
Roxanda E.
Roxanda E. 4 months ago
5 stars
I feel happy because it is a very nice place, recreational areas, nice park for children, and security all day. The maintenance guys are very attentive, as are the office staff, very friendly. I have lived here for many years and I feel very happy and confident. My children's school is very close to the apartments. I recommend Harbor Park 100%.